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I just shot my new P11 yesterday. Love it! Quick weight report...

Empty 23.25 oz
With empty mag 26 oz
With full mag (12 rounds) 31 oz
With 1 round in the chamber and a full mag 31 5/8 oz

So, I have never had a gun with a safety/decocker. If I understand this right, I can carry...

A - 12 in mag and 1 in the chamber with the hammer back and the safety on, or...
B - 12 in mag and 1 in the chamber with hammer back, but then decocked...

Am I right on this? If the hammer is back and the safety is on, then it shoots SAO, correct?
If the decocker is used, then the hammer is down and it shoots DAO, right? In other words, the first shot is DA but the subsequent shots are DA also, not SA.

Thus, if I want to carry with one in the chamber, in your opinion, which setup is "safest" from the ND avoidance point of view? Or, is it a toss up?

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I'm surprised no one has answered this. I've seen several video reviews but almost all of them are from 2-3 years ago (pre-decocker).

I can't answer because I've a P11 Mk12 that was made before the decockers were added. I'm thinking about buying a new P1 (which would have the decocker). This gun isn't normally on display at gun stores, either. :(

Would be nice to know how this works.

Someone on another forum stated that the lever is a decocker/safety and that when the lever in the up position, the safety is activated. To deactivate it, you flick it down a notch. To decock or put it in DAO, you notch it down again (3-way switch?). I'm not sure if that's right but it would be nice to see someone confirm this.

UPDATE - https://youtu.be/Lz-cyXoNY8c shows the actuation of the decocker/safety. What I stated above was correct.
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