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Re: Magazine dropping from 10mm
Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:55 pm

SavageOne1 wrote:As stated in another thread, I have one of the first P40 10mm imported into the U.S. On my first range trip, with the gun, I encountered a problem where the magazine would drop from the magazine well while firing. I initially thought that I was hitting the mag release, due to the recoil, and adjusted my grip to ensure this was not happening. The problem continued for that range trip and the next. After the second range trip I did not have the problem anymore and have not had it since. Since I had one the first pistols there was no one I could compare notes with to see if this was happening to them as well. As more P40s have come into the hands of other shooters, there has been numerous reports of this problem happening to them as well. For some owners the problem does not last very long, others have not been so lucky and have had to send their pistols in for service. One such owner stated that the service center called him back and said the tolerances for the mag well were way off and it was allowing the magazines to drop due to recoil.

I have not been shooting the hottest loads out of my P40, 155gr bullets at around 1300fps, but have wanted to try some warmer 180 and 200 gr full power loads. My concern is that the mag drop issue will reoccur if I go to the hotter rounds. Has anyone else had any issues like this or heard about excessive mag movement in the mag well?

To answer your question. After the warranty work was performed to rectify the mag drip issue, I noticed it only drops free when firing full house 180 gr. Or larger loads. Still unacceptable.
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Re: Magazine dropping from 10mm
Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:47 pm

I am also one who has had the mag drop issue. I contacted Eagle Imports and they told me to go to the list of authorized repair centers. I then sent it to Ahlmans in Mn. They fixed the mag drop issue but not the fail to feed issue, which happened frequently. I replaced the long silver spring with the red one and cured all of the feed issues except on the last round in every mag. I am still working on this and making progress . I really like this gun but feel I should not have had to spend the extra time and money just to get it to run like it is supposed to. It was cheaper for me to buy the spring and replace it myself than to pay for shipping again.
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